Beb signed a cooperation agreement with overseas cash flow companies and digital currency exchanges.Users with encrypted currency wallets,It is easy to use encrypted currency for cross-border payment.For example, you can use the most popular encryption currency in Japan.Consumption through bitcoin.


Beb currency collection process

A present course

I'm very happy today.
Open wallet
Sweep the game website two-dimensional code
Get BEB coins.
Use BEB coins as you please.

Encrypted currency payment process

Commodity opens BEB payment service
Consumers choose to use encrypted payment.
The system automatically calculates the amount of payment based on the encryption disadvantages of consumers.
Consumers begin the payment described by APP bank.QRCODE
Easy payment completed

BEB currency use

Online shopping

We have signed up a large number of online stores, holding
BEB wallet users, can pay directly through the BEB money
package online. At the same time, we support the mainstream encryption currency and BEB currency

Add value to game website

You can use BEB coins, sweep the two-dimensional code of the game
website, add a second
to complete, perfect speed,
a new value-added experience.

Cross-border transactions

We are committed to promoting the popularity of
Bi-coin wallets and allied with overseas gold flow organizations so that
can be accepted by Japan
Ben, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and other places. Shops all over the world,
where to go to the coin wallet.

Global encrypted currency exchange

BEB coins have been officially put on the shelves of the BEB Encrypted Currency Exchange
. At present, you can trade BEB coins
in French currency in Taiwan. Encrypted currencies in China, Malay
West Asia, Singapore, India and Japan
will be launched in succession this year.



You can convert BEB coins into equivalent bitcoins, encrypted currencies such as ethernet, etc. and send them to your other encrypted currency wallets in your e-change wallet. Currency exchange, between fingers.